The implementation of this new management system brings many changes to the organisation: culture, roles and responsibilities, processes, procedures, tools etc. Here are three solutions to facilitate your transformation:

1-Fractional Integrator
3-Kolbe analysis and workshops

1.Fractional Integrator

The EOS© (Entrepreneurial Operation System) management model is becoming increasingly popular among entrepreneurs. The visionary and integrator roles in the model are often filled by the owner because none of the existing leaders have the knowledge to fill the role. Hiring a fractional integrator is an interesting option to ensure success.

Choosing to have a fractional integrator means having an experienced leader who supports you in operations and helps you manage change. He will also train/coach his successor.

The fractional integrator has experience in business management, leadership management, coaching, transformation, knows all the departments of the company and is adept at performance measurement. He/she will be responsible for creating synergy between leaders, supporting them by coaching them and removing barriers and obstacles. He/she will be responsible for operationalizing the business plan, achieving objectives, profit and loss and strategic projects. 

The benefits of having a fractional integrator are many:

  • Rapid integration of EOS in the management for quick results
  • Experience in business management to optimize operations
  • Coaching of the entrepreneur and leaders to develop management skills
  • Experience in various sectors of activity to share innovations
  • On the lookout for best practices, new trends and technologies to implement them as needed
  • Experience in project management to achieve objectives
  • Value-added offer to facilitate success
  • Support in the selection and training of a full-time integrator position


To make a success of any change and transformation in your company, this training offers you a 5-step process that accompanies your teams during a real initiative. The objective of this coaching is to develop the transition management skills of your managers and employees while implementing a process tailored to your company. You also have access to an expert every week to answer your questions. Learn by doing!

The training platform offers:

  • Accompanies and train managers on request
  • Facilitates the implementation by prioritizing the human side 
  • Provides several tools to move forward more quickly
  • Ensures a complete follow-up at your pace
  • Respects your identity
  • Allows you to learn by managing a real change
  • Provides access to an expert every week

3.Kolbe analysis and workshops

Create engagement and become more productive by understanding instinctive behaviors. Reach a higher level faster by facilitating the well-being of your workforce. Help your employees reach their full potential.

The results of the Kolbe Index focus on an aspect of the mind other than your personality or intelligence – conative action or the instinct to act. This psychometric test helps to improve human resource management in order to achieve corporate goals.

  • Knowing how people operate, their instinct to act
  • Understanding possible conflicts and providing strategies to harmonise
  • Optimise production with the right person for each position
  • Maximise teamwork by strategically combining talent
  • Develop the business and manage talent for succession

The SPCTE team offers all three of these value-added support solutions while revitalizing your business by serving as a fractional integrator. Make an appointment with us to discuss about your implementation.