One of the emerging trends in management responds to the reality of entrepreneurs whose businesses are growing rapidly: the fractional leader. A high-caliber manager who supports the entrepreneur on a part-time basis for the operational aspect.

This solution is increasingly popular with entrepreneurs who have a business using the  EOS© management model. Indeed, the roles of visionary and integrator of the model are often occupied by the owner who quickly becomes out of breath. Most of the time, there is not enough work for a full time integrator position. If none of the existing leaders have the potential to fill the position, hiring a fractional integrator is an attractive option. 

Regardless of your business management system, the concept of having an experienced leader supporting you in operations and allowing you to remain in your visionary role is innovative. Ideally, this person will be with you until a manager takes over. He or she will train/coach the successor.

The fractional leader has experience in business management, leadership management, coaching, transformation, knows all the departments of the company and is adept at performance measurement. He will be responsible for creating synergy between leaders, supporting them by coaching them and removing barriers and obstacles. He will be responsible for operationalizing the business plan, achieving objectives, profit and loss and strategic projects. 

The benefits of having a fractional leader are many:

  • rapid integration for quick results
  • experience in business management to optimize operations
  • coaching of the entrepreneur and leaders to develop management skills
  • experience in various sectors of activity to share innovations
  • on the lookout for best practices, new trends and technologies to implement them as needed
  • experience in project management to achieve objectives
  • value-added offer to facilitate growth

Choosing to have a Fractional Leader on board will allow you to optimize the success of your business, provide sustainable business efficiency for accelerated growth and successful evolution as well as the expertise to train your management team to manage the growth and transformation of the business.

Growth is a rapid evolutionary stage that brings organizational, performance and market development challenges. Depending on the speed of growth, it can be challenging for the entrepreneur and the management team to care for the individuals and their needs while maintaining the integrity, purpose and power of the company. The arrival of a Fractional Leader specialized in growth and transformation will help keep the company on course and in balance.

We can say that the future belongs to any organization that wants to change, improve, adjust to market movements and that succeeds quickly. Nowadays, the sustainability of an organization depends on its flexibility. Any company that refuses to accept this reality and that has failed to implement a flexible structure will degrade and eventually die out.
SPCTE’s team offers this value-added support by revitalizing your business, while serving as a fractional leader. Make an appointment with us to discuss your challenges.