Discover Kolbe

What if reality brought the elements to implement your entrepreneurial vision on a platter?

My vision for the world is: That every human realizes themselves through who they are, which is perfect.

Balance is essential to people’s well-being. Each person is unique and has the right to be themselves because that is how they are in balance, realize their full potential, feel free and live fully.

When an Entrepreneur creates a company that provides a work environment that supports the balance of individuals, the company achieves balance and maximizes its own success.

I discovered the Kolbe A test a few years ago. It is the first test that explains the uniqueness of each person and when you get the results, it is comforting. In a way, it explains the inexplicable, it puts into words our instructions for use. When I received my results, I remember saying “ah, now it’s clear!”

When I started my business, I thought I was unstructured so I hired someone with that talent. When I got my result, I realized that to get organized, I adapt by creating shortcuts, revising approaches to go faster, being flexible and making everything accessible. So I’m not a person who naturally systematizes.

I remember one person telling me that this test explained why she was always taking risks and that it made her feel better. She felt relieved and was able to explain to her loved ones, her need to undertake a lot of risk. What a great story.

Imagine how this tool can help in business. Kolbe offers several tests including an assessment of the profile required for a position. I use it in my hiring process, to have a person in place who naturally works according to the needs of the position. This ensures that she is on her “X” and will reach her full potential. This is wonderful!

Since my service is to revitalize businesses, I see the potential of these products and I am passionate about this concept. I decided that my company would be the first in Quebec to offer you this service.

I look forward to accompanying you,