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Corporate well-being is crucial to meeting workforce requirements for work-life balance. Personal alignment promotes employee retention and commitment. Team activities reinforce synergy and collaboration, while investment in well-being increases productivity and satisfaction. Professional coaching offers personalized support to improve individual and collective performance. By promoting these practices, companies create an environment conducive to employee fulfillment, boosting productivity while enabling everyone to be themselves, without adaptation. We are the only company certified in Quebec and the French-speaking world to bring you the conation experience with Kolbe™, to align all the above.

Aligning Well-Being And Productivity

Through its essence, each individual fulfills itself, embodying its perfection.
Human management integrates an understanding of the three parts of the mind, and aims to optimize the organization by valuing the uniqueness of each individual.
Psychometric tests, to understand these three parts of the mind (affective, cognitive, conative), offer a comprehensive perspective on the mental functioning of individuals.

Affective (Feelings)


Cognitive (Thinking)


Conative (Doing)

Mental Energy
Innate Force


Kolbe© is the only test in the world that evaluates the conative aspect. This test informs you about your employees' natural talents, strengths, modus operandi and mental energy management. As the instinct to act remains the same throughout your life, the test should be completed only once.

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  • Atman

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The Atman© test assesses both affective and cognitive aspects. This test informs you about your employees' learning ability, personality, preferences and core values. These aspects evolve and can change over time.

For Wellness


• Self-knowledge
• Well-being
• Energy optimization
• Customized career
• Knowing others
• Healthy relationships
• Personal development


• Understanding strengths and talents
• Build high-performance teams by offering effective strategies
• Eliminating unproductive conflicts
• Create natural synergy


• Managing stress and tensions
• Equalize contribution efforts
• Obtain communication and coaching strategies according to the operating mode
• Hire the right person for each position

Customized Workshops and Coaching

Would you like to be accompanied on the path to well-being in your organization? Take advantage of our expertise to achieve your goals!

  • Define your objectives and discuss the best formula to meet your needs
  • Create a customized package for you

Excel With Your True Self

Are you tired of stress and working against the mainstream ? Are you looking for long-term solutions for your well-being and fulfillment at work?

  • Experience SPCTE and reclaim your power
  • Make the decision now to feel better at all time