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Passionate Experts Dedicated to Business Growth and Collaborative Success

In order to foster your company’s growth and enhance performance, it’s crucial to establish an environment where everyone can reach their full potential.

What Sets Us Apart

Our Unicity

Corporate Challenge:
Balancing Business Growth

Our offer is based on our visionary’s approach shared in our CEO’s book Défi d’entreprise: Croître en équilibre and more than 25 years of expertise supporting businesses internationally.

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Kolbe Certified Consultant

What makes us unique: using Kolbe’s instinctive strengths to harmonize teams, place the right people in the seat suited to them and boost their productivity.

Tested by Our
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We test trends and tools to optimize your success.

How We Work

Our 3 Commitments


Concrete results throughout the process, thanks to our holistic approach and expertise, guarantee accurate diagnosis and realistic solutions.

Human to Human

We help ensure a sustainable future and healthy growth by keeping people first. We believe that success is all about people. Their fulfillment maintains commitment and ensures progress.


Our goal is to guide you to reach and maintain the highest standard levels. As each company is unique, our approach is adapted to its reality, while respecting its identity to revitalize it to its full potential.

Tested, Optimized Support

Our Proven Process


1- Diagnosis

  • Values: We analyze the culture to ensure that your values and expected behaviors are supported by appropriate policies, programs and training.
  • Organizational structures: We assess structures and management to identify improvement opportunities (leadership, organization chart, processes, training, tools, IT, etc.)
  • Accompaniment through transitions : We evaluate the ability of your company to efficiently manage the change and growth while maintaining balance.

2- Planification

  • Gaps: We analyze the gaps between your desired situation and your reality, the effectiveness of your teams and existing inconsistencies throughout the organization.
  • Strategy: We create a transition plan to rapidly revitalize your business.
  • Sustainability: We integrate the fundamental elements needed to establish a solid foundation that supports a sustainable balance.

3- Accompaniment

  • ​​Human approach: We put people at the heart of success.
  • Well-being: We'll help you create a work environment that promotes balance between employees and the organization.
  • Results: We focus on success from the very beginning of the process, ensuring continuous and effective delivery of results along the way, rather than only at the conclusion of the project.
Our Colors

Who We Are

As specialists in business growth, we create operational fluidity, controlled and visible progress, and help your teams to flourish.

Every human being realizes himself through who he is, which means, perfect.

Those Who Accompany You

Our Pillars

Femme dans la cinquantaine, couchée sur un plancher de bois, habillée en orange et vert avec une bouteille transparente orange.

Sonia Perron

Virtuoso of Human Magic

Sonia has kept her little-girl soul. She's amazed by human beings, because each person is unique and has so much to contribute to others: what wonderful discoveries! She has had an unconventional career, rich in experiences, because she thrives on challenges and, for her, anything is possible!

She possesses a remarkable analytical prowess, allowing her to pinpoint the root causes of problems. Leveraging her creative ingenuity, she proposes practical and accessible solutions. Through the interactive activities and experiences she develops, individuals effortlessly absorb new knowledge and adopt innovative approaches. Her unique talent lies not only by hearing the spoken words but also by discerning the unspoken, enabling her to recognize people's untapped potential. With a steadfast commitment to fostering well-being, she aims to unlock productivity by guiding individuals toward their full capabilities by being themselves.

Over the past 25 years, Sonia has accompanied entrepreneurs and companies on 3 continents, in 14 countries, for over 100 successful transformations and 25,000 people equipped with resources and tools.

Jeune femme habillée en robe avec des fleurs orange et rose sur fond beige. Qui tient des bouquins de façon à se créer un chapeau ?

Audrey Robichaud

Solution Artist

Audrey has always been curious about everything and loves to learn and discover. She followed a tortuous path, moving from languages, to history, nursing, insurance, sales/marketing and coordination. She ran her own successful business for 8 years. Her empathy and generosity make her a likable and engaging person. She knows how to put her peers at ease and likes to help them excel.

She's a team player, ready to help customers and colleagues at any time. She knows how to recognize issues and comes up with tons of solutions. Her creativity makes her an asset. The impossible is always possible for her, and she'll help you reach your dream. Realistic and honest, she will always be honest. People are her inspiration to personally evolve from knowledge and shared wisdom. Dedicated, efficient and imaginative, she knows how to support you in your projects.

Chantal Proulx


Chantal is calm by nature and knows how to put people at ease during workshops, where each person is respected for his or her uniqueness. She has good listening and analytical skills, and enjoys effective yet fun meetings. Did you know that Chantal combines her analytical mind with mindfulness moments ? In addition to her job, Chantal is also a yoga teacher.

She has an amazing journey: she worked in private companies as well as public and para-public organizations. She's a jack-of-all-trades, interested in how organizations operate, to help them identify their wastes and improvement possibilities and improve with concrete solutions.