homme assis à son bureau rempli de papier

Photo of Ruslan Burlaka

In today’s society, many workers are taking the leap to become entrepreneurs. Quality of life and values are paramount for a large majority. For a long time, we have seen that performance was managed by the abuse of power. The bosses divided to better rule. Today, we know that we must build on and around people to optimize their performance.

Building a company where human values and performance go hand in hand comes with its share of challenges. You have to find the right employees, put them in the right place in the structure, demonstrate leadership in order to mobilize everyone in a common direction to achieve your vision. It takes time and effort. And as we all know, time is a rare commodity.

Time. Let’s talk about it! Have you ever decided to do a task yourself because explaining it seemed too time consuming to you? Most entrepreneurs prefer to wear many hats rather than delegate in order to make sure that everything is done quickly and well. Unfortunately, this prevents them from fulfilling their primary mandate which is to develop the business as a visionary. Taking the time to ensure that everyone is on the same page and that they understand what is expected of them will lead to a smooth operation. Which will give you… more time. The people you have hired have abilities and potential that you can build on. Investing in the human factor will be beneficial in the short and long term. Productivity will be increased, especially when your employees feel the trust and involvement you have with them.

AVTransformation comes to the rescue of entrepreneurs who are out of breath. Feeling overwhelmed by the changes and pace of your operations? We present a revolutionary tool that will accompany you through your transformations. There’s no need to go it alone when help is at hand. Indeed, our unique patented training platform will accompany you in real time. When you need to practice a change, the platform will be there with its capsules, tools and activities to guide you step by step. You will become a change expert yourself thanks to our infallible methodology. Thus, you will be able to lead your teams through your business growth according to your values and vision.

Being a leader is not always easy. We have to be vulnerable to recognize the flaws in our management and figure out how to fix them. A position that is full of challenges and movement. It’s a balance that needs to be achieved in every company. Because let’s not forget: without people, the company is nothing.

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