The values of the company are the cornerstone of its identity. It is essential to define them properly and to put in place the activities and tools necessary to ensure their sustainability. The sooner the values, expected behaviors, activities and tools to ensure their sustainability are defined, the better the business can evolve in equilibrium. It should be noted that it is preferable to avoid implementing activities or tools that are in contradiction with the values.

Entrepreneurs will say that it is key to be well surrounded, to feel confident. However, surrounding yourself with people you know is one of the first things that can cause imbalance, if not managed. It is advisable to clearly define the professional mode of operation within the group while respecting the entrepreneur’s vision and values. Quickly, the first employees, generally recruited for specific skills, will be added to this core. Avoiding creating an impression of two clans, family and others, of having two weights, two measures is a must. From the start, having clearly defined vision, roles, responsibilities and values are essential.

It is at the growth stage that the number of employees increases enough for the entrepreneur to question himself, among other things, on issues such as the transmission of values, training and work organization.

It must be recognized that committing to common values is a necessary step for the success of a collective adventure. Is there anything more unsettling than joining a company that displays four values and discovering that none is real? When values are chosen and defined, they must truly represent the organization and the entrepreneur with the entire management team must adhere to them and convey them. If a company displays the desired values rather than the current ones and hires dozens of new employees under this false representation, it risks creating an imbalance. The climate will become tense, conflicts will arise, staff turnover will increase, and efficiency will decrease, which will result in costs. Have you ever found yourself in a business and wondering what happened between the interview discussions and the completely different reality?

The values will attract people who recognize themselves in them. If the reality is different, it is certain to create an imbalance within the team and affect the effectiveness of its members. Values unite people in the way they do and behave; it simplifies daily work.

During growth or in periods of stability, it sometimes happens that the need for capital leads to the arrival of a partner, a new entrepreneur. It is important that this person recognizes himself in the values of the company. Otherwise, entrepreneurs may wish to modify one or a few values to better represent the new internal culture. If this is the case, the integration of the new partner and the change in values must be well managed to maintain balance. Avoid creating an imbalance within the team and disrupt operations.

The organizational imbalance results from the action of a diversity of individuals, themselves probably in imbalance in relation to their personal lives and their values. Having the humility to recognize that imbalance also depend on human choices makes it possible to act more quickly.

Finally, we must be vigilant in the face of the dangers of imbalance and its propensity of self-regulate in a system. Several individuals and organizations will no doubt find themselves there at a time of their lives. As soon as there is an imbalance in your company, take action, for the well-being of everyone and your business!

Image from Geralt