Being self-employed involves several challenges. How to tame this way of life? How can you build your reputation and be recognized, increase your revenues, stay on top of trends, perform all administrative tasks without losing your footing? Here are some simple tips to help you.

1- Personal balance

To begin, it is essential to become aware of one’s personal values ​​in order to make business decisions based on them. In this way, a person remains in harmony with herself no matter what her choices. For example, Alex, a tattoo artist, for whom the family is an essential value, decided that his working schedule would be between 8am and 3pm Monday to Thursday. Since some customers can only go after business hours, Alex decided to open his agenda from 5:30 pm to 10:30 pm, once a week, but increased his hourly rate by $ 30 for that period. It meets the customers’ demand and he can invest the income in family activities. On that day, he goes to pick up the children at school, plays with them, heats up the prepared dinner and leaves for the special Mom evening!

By respecting one’s values, a person is genuine and her service offer is suitable for her clientele and herself. This is the ideal context to ensure abundance.

2- Networking

Networking is an activity that can provide significant support. Among others, it minimizes the time invested in monitoring new trends. For example, Karine, who specializes in nail art has set up a support network. Each person brings her expertise in exchange for another. She is passionate about products so she informs others and receives information about new techniques, technologies, etc.

It can help you by receiving references for goods or services, obtaining goods or services at a lower cost and even trading services. However, for trade, we must be vigilant not to lose out on the exchange, especially in time.

3- Finance

Finance is a headache for many people. It is important to determine, right from the beginning, the minimum revenue needed to meet personal requirements. This allows to follow up regularly and react quickly to get more income. Ideally, maintaining up-to-date basic accounting will be useful for tracking, seeing investment opportunities and seeking funding where appropriate. A simple spreadsheet (free Google Sheet on the Internet, free Numbers on Mac, etc.) can do the work.

4- Managing growth

Growth happens by surprise and to cope with it, there are simple low cost solutions to be more efficient to focus on core business. For example, for calendar management, there are electronic calendars that automate the appointment process. Simply open time in your calendar and make sure the link is available for your customers. Customers schedule, postpone and cancel their appointments themselves, and your personal agenda is automatically updated. There are also virtual services such as personal assistants who can manage social networks, bookkeeping, etc.

Yes, self-employment has its challenges, but, above all, it offers a lifestyle!