Create Human Enterprises

Our Mission

To participate in the creation of human and successful companies

The evolution and the performance of the company are really stimulated when it allows itself to create a universe, a company, where people are themselves, on their “x” and at their full potential.

Our 3 Commitments


You will see concrete results throughout the process. Our holistic approach combined with our vast experience allows for quick and accurate diagnoses and realistic solutions.

Human to Human

We help ensure a sustainable future and healthy growth by keeping people first. We believe that the key to success is people. Their development activates and maintains commitment.


Our goal is to equip you to reach new heights and stay there. Your company is unique, which is why we adapt our approach to its reality while respecting its identity to revitalize it to its full potential.

Our Proven Process

Diagnosis Planification Accompaniment


Our diagnosis is based on the following 3 axes:

1-Values are the cornerstone of your company’s balance. We will assess the culture to ensure that the values and expected behaviors are in place and supported by the appropriate policies, programs and training.

2-The structure of your organization is based on values. We will evaluate how to optimize the structure and management to be efficient (management, organization chart, processes, tools, IT etc.).

3-Accompaniment is essential for all employees in order to adapt quickly to all changes. We will evaluate your ability to manage transitions.


Thanks to our quick analysis of the current situation, the maturity of your teams and the imbalances encountered in the company, we will be able to propose a transition plan that will allow you to quickly take action to revitalize your company. You will regain your balance while building the foundations to maintain it.


People are at the heart of any successful business. By accompanying you, we will equip you to offer a work environment that favors the balance of employees and the organization.