Change management focuses on the future situation to know what transformations will be needed to get there. This implies an analysis between the current situation and that desired. It is therefore important to have a fair picture of the current situation in order to prepare an adequate transition plan or a route that holds up!

To get to your destination, it’s best to know from where you’re going. The route, time and costs will vary depending on the starting point. The starting point of an organization is its current situation, its actual situation. Getting a good picture of the current situation seems obvious, however, many things or people can influence it, voluntarily or not. It is recommended to take a step back and even get the eyes of the outside person (s) to understand the reality. The reality, although imperfect, is the starting point of the organization towards its new destination. It allows you to make the right decisions, do the right thing, plan the right activities and budget.

When the assessment of the current situation is wrong, the transition plan will be inconsistent and unexpected events will demonstrate it. This will lead to additional actions and activities, thus exceeding time, human resources and budget. Reality is the starting point for the success of any transformation!