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SoniaPerron jeunesse

At a young age, I realized that I had power over my attitude, my choices, my decisions and my actions and that I had no control over life, events and others, it was bigger than me. By exercising my power, I allowed myself to create an environment that facilitated my daily life. Being on my X at all times and effortlessly.

The work environment has been a rewarding experience. I started my career as a manager at the age of 18.  I then took an “off the beaten path” where my creativity, sensitivity, intensity and passion for people made me discover the pleasure of helping entrepreneurs and their employees. At the beginning of my career, my biggest question was: Why, depending on the company I join, can I either be a “star”, deliver without being motivated or be unable to achieve anything? Yet, I was the same person… And this situation was experienced by many workers I was in contact with.

My quest for answers allowed me to write my first book in French, Défi d’entreprise: croître en équilibre (Business Challenge: Balancing Business Growth), and to go from employee to consultant to entrepreneur.

Becoming an Entrepreneur

I have accompanied several companies, from SMEs to large international companies, for more than 75 initiatives in various countries in America, Asia and Europe. In helping these entrepreneurs and their businesses for more than twenty years, I became aware that the company, created by humans, had difficulty in offering a human work environment. A work environment that promotes the development of individuals, that takes into account the needs of all, that aligns personal objectives with those of the company. How do you create a successful human company? I strongly believe that balance is essential for the well-being of people. Each person is unique and has the right to be themself because this is how they are in balance, realize their full potential, feel free and live fully.

I also believe that when an Entrepreneur creates a company offering a human work environment that promotes the balance of individuals, he does create a company that achieves balance and optimizes its own success.

Writing My Book Inspired Me to Create My Own Business

I developed an approach that recognizes the uniqueness of companies and their employees, allowing for quick resolution of problems at the source.

  • Align people and organizations
  • Increase wellness, productivity and growth
  • Eliminating inconsistencies has become my service
  • My contribution to the creation of companies that are human, profitable and successful
Sonia Perron signant son livre
Entreprise à succès

Build the Dream Team

Together We Listen

to our talents, our natural instincts, our needs to evolve personally and thereby make the company evolve and grow quickly and healthily.

Together We Create

a company that shares its experiences by helping others to achieve this human balance while aiming to reach the objectives for the success of all.

Together We Build

here and now, for our clients and ourselves.