Even though all best practices strongly suggest to measure performance, in change management, many activities are assumed to be successful.

To ensure strategies are effective, each activity should be monitored to reach objectives and succeed. For example, how many times are the participants’ evaluations the only KPI for training? How about attendance, knowledge transfer, post-training follow-up and required coaching? Isn’t the high level training objective to prepare employees for new ways of doing things? How can the employee evaluation confirm the objective is reached? It clearly takes more than a KPI to measure this.

All activities done in change management like communication, workshop alignment, training, etc. have a specific objective. If not achieved, there will be impacts on the end result and jeopardize adoption of the change as designed. Some will say this takes time and efforts, but, it is nothing compared to the time and efforts needed to realign. By developing the reflex to measure you will not only save time, money and energy, you will also ensure adoption of change as designed.

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