Wellness in the Workplace

Kolbe to Boost Your Business

Managing a business today is a big challenge. Create engagement and become more productive by understanding instinctive behaviors.

Reach a higher level faster by facilitating the well-being of your workforce. Help your employees reach their full potential.

KolbeTM has nothing to do with being introverted or extroverted, or being a math genius. The Kolbe Index results are about something other than your personality or intelligence. Conative action never occurs in isolation from the other two aspects of the mind, affective and cognitive.

The 3 parts of mind:

Three parts of mind

There are twelve ways to approach problem solving. Everyone can and will act in all twelve areas, but an instinctive pattern will develop in the effort, which will include four methods, one in each mode of action. We all have the same amount of instinctive energy, but it is distributed or used differently, and becomes our Mode of Operation (MO). Learn more on Kolbe index.

We are a Kolbe Certified Consultant. Our service will help you to

Identify: Capitalize on the power of instinctive forces

  • Understand how each person operates
  • Identify the potential for conflict and get tips on how to avoid it

Optimize: Maximize teamwork by strategically combining talents

  • Analyze team synergy and optimize productivity
  • Eliminate non-productive conflicts

Align: Increase productivity by matching strengths to job requirements

  • Understand the constraints and stresses of the employee’s position to manage it
  • Identify sources of tension between manager and employee and get advice

Develop: Grow your business by recruiting the best people

  • Recruiting the right candidates for existing and new positions
  • Manage talent and prepare for succession

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