processus en équipe

Success of Processes Lies in Collective Efforts!

Collective effort is, in my opinion, THE most important success factor of all. As a leader, you will be accountable for your department’s processes, as well as growing your people and motivating them along the way. It is as a team that everything must take place in order to avoid major challenges in managing change
Entrepreneur working

Entrepreneur, Contemporary Challenge

In today’s society, many workers are taking the leap to become entrepreneurs. Quality of life and values are paramount for a large majority. For a long time, we have seen that performance was managed by the abuse of power. The bosses divided to better rule. Today, we know that we must build on and around people to optimize their performance
mPomme coupé en deux dans les mains

Time and Money, How to Have Both?

Do you ever feel like time is burning in your hands? Time is the basis of everything: our projects, our successes, our evolution. It is precious and ephemeral, once spent, it cannot be recovered. In our world, reconciling work and personal life is becoming a very important issue. Sometimes, we leave a job that overloads us in our daily life while trying to find something better.