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We are committed to giving your company back the fluidity in its operations, the control of its evolution and, a place for the fulfillment of its people.


Every human being realizes himself through who he is, that is, perfect.

Our 3 Uniques

Book Défi d'entreprise : croître en équilibre


Our offer is based on the approach of our Visionary shared in her book Défi-d’entreprise: Croître en équilibre. Her experience of more than 20 years in coaching growing companies in several countries has allowed her to develop a unique approach to revitalize companies.

Kolbe Certified Consultant

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Our company is the only one in Quebec that offers Kolbe as a solution to facilitate well-being at work. With its approach based on the evaluation of the instinctive strengths of individuals, Kolbe makes it possible to place the right person in the right position, to create team harmony, to increase productivity and for people to simply be themselves.

Tested for You by Our Team

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Our goal is to equip you to reach new heights and stay there. We test trends, practices, tools, within our company to understand their implications and optimize their use.


Every person is perfect

Our team welcomes you unconditionally and without judgment. Our goal is to equip you to reach new heights and stay there.

Truth is a source of efficiency

Our team believes that truth at the center of discussions and actions is essential to get the desired results and avoid going in circles.

Fun is essential

Our team sees life as a bouquet of experiences so we get excited about challenges and enjoy meeting them. Having fun at work contributes to our success and life balance.

Uniqueness is acknowledged 

Each person being unique and perfect, we adapt to your reality to revitalize your company to its full potential, while respecting your identity.

Everything is possible

Our team listens to your needs and we dare! Innovation is at the heart of our approach.

Our Team


Photo Audrey

For me, there is no such thing as impossible; there are only opportunities to be creative! That’s why our value, Everything is possible, is so important to me. Every day, I look for solutions, I create action plans to make our company’s vision a reality. I do not see failure. I see a challenge to do things differently.  It stimulates me to be imaginative and to constantly look for new avenues. I love being able to use my creativity to help my colleagues and our clients. 


Photo Chantal

For me, values are the driving force of our lives.  If our personal values are consistent with those of our work, everything is fine.

However, if they interfere with our work values, nothing goes anymore.  Because SPCTE’s values are aligned with my own, I can grow within the company and make it grow.  It’s a Win-Win situation! 


Photo Mariève

For the first time in my life, I feel like I belong. I can be myself with my colleagues and clients because everyone recognizes the uniqueness of each other.

I can contribute to my full potential and grow within this company because all three parts of my spirit are recognized.


Photo Penelope

Feeling happy and free inside is a goal I set myself a long time ago. I achieve this is by living my core values which are essential to me: laughter, respect, clarity and honesty. As they are part of our corporate values, I always approach people with these colors. When I meet a potential client, I create the link in a way that is reassuring, with a touch of humor and above all with transparency. Humanity is at the heart of everything and the pleasure of doing my job is a must


Photo Sonia

I believe that each person is unique and perfect. In my personal and professional life, I approach each encounter with a caring perspective, the desire to discover and learn, and this, without judgment.

I put my energy into making interactions and providing solutions that are as perfect as the person in front of me, ensuring success for both of us. 


Photo Stephanie

All our values touch me deeply, however, Truth is a source of efficiency prevails for me. Regardless of the nature of the relationship, when there is no unspoken language, the relationship becomes instantly clear and, by the same token, reassuring. To the extent that communication is constructive, transparency increases the trust that exists between two people. It allows for the clarification of perceptions and understandings that might otherwise undermine the relationship.   

Certified Professionals

All learning workshop, coaching and on site or virtual training are subject to the law promoting the development and recognition of skills in the Québec workforce (1%). 

We are PROSCI certified to support you in your transformation projects. We also offer a unique training program to support you during your projects

We are certified by the Government of Canada to work with any organization that must examine, possess or transfer controlled goods or technology in Canada

The Fractional Integrators Alliance is a regroupement of consultants who assists Visionaries remotely as their integrator.


We are the only certified consultant in Quebec who provides this service to companies. Learned more about everything Kolbe assessment can do for your business by clicking here