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Sonia Perron Author, Management Advisor, Coach, Trainer, Specialist in Business Growth, Change Management and Transformation.

“I started my career as a manager at the age of 18. I then took an “off the beaten path” where my creativity, sensitivity, intensity and passion for people led me to discover the pleasure of helping entrepreneurs and their employees. 

From SME to International Company

I have accompanied several companies, from SMEs to large international companies, for more than 75 initiatives in various countries in America, Asia and Europe. In helping these entrepreneurs and their businesses for more than twenty years, I became aware that the company, created by humans, had difficulty in offering a human work environment. A work environment that promotes the development of individuals, that takes into account the needs of all, that aligns personal objectives with those of the company. How do you create a successful human company?”


That every human being realizes himself through who he is, that is, perfect.

My philosophy: “Balance is essential for the well-being of people. Each person is unique and has the right to be themself because this is how they are in balance, realize their full potential, feel free and live fully. 

When an Entrepreneur creates a company offering a human work environment that promotes the balance of individuals, he does create a company that achieves balance and optimizes its own success.”  Sonia Perron


Every person is perfect

Our team welcomes you unconditionally and without judgment. Our goal is to equip you to reach new heights and stay there.

Truth is a source of efficiency

Our team believes that truth at the center of discussions and actions is essential to get the desired results and avoid going in circles.

Fun is essential

Our team sees life as a bouquet of experiences so we get excited about challenges and enjoy meeting them. Having fun at work contributes to our success and life balance.

Uniqueness is acknowledged 

Each person being unique and perfect, we adapt to your reality to revitalize your company to its full potential, while respecting your identity.

Everything is possible

Our team listens to your needs and we dare! Innovation is at the heart of our approach.

Our Leadership Team

Chantal Richer


I like human companies, the one that cares about the well-being of its employees, in order to grow better.

A team is made up of a whole where each person finds its place. My place is at the service of the team. It is important to me that each person is valued in his or her work, so that it helps him or her evolve as a human being.

Pénélope Smith

Marketing and Sales

Listening to people and their needs for more than 20 years, I work to evolve in a Human environment and direct towards respect and uniqueness. It is difficult to achieve this at all times, in a world that is constantly looking for assets. My dedication and resilience in the face of change has allowed me to get to know myself and find my X.

I recently joined the team with the goal of bringing people new options to make working in a company easier and more enjoyable.

Sonia Perron
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As I evolved professionally, my creativity, sensitivity, intensity and passion for people made me discover the pleasure of helping entrepreneurs and their employees. 

I really enjoy creating solutions to revitalize business, simplify management and develop leadership. 

My team, composed of employees and consultants, is precious.  Each one is an expert in his field and they are all devoted to support our customers in their journey. 

Certified Professionals

We are PROSCI certified to support you in your transformation projects. We also offer a unique training program to support you during your projects

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We are certified by the Government of Canada to work with any organization that must examine, possess or transfer controlled goods or technology in Canada

The Fractional Integrators Alliance is a regroupement of consultants who assists Visionaries remotely as their integrator.